Meet greg

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Growing up I always had an interest in beekeeping while living a simple life. I enjoyed growing fruits and vegetables the old fashion organic way but hadn’t taken the leap of faith in learning about the process of maintaining beehives. As my interest grew stronger over the years, I finally began building my beehives to support my passion while contributing to the environment in a positive manner. After setting up the hives, I purchased the first nucleus colony to grow my apiary. 


As the apiary grew the first year, I had more honey than I knew what to do with. That’s when I became inspired to create products that are beneficial for everyday use and share my creative spirits with you. Since then, I have designed custom made soap concoctions that are light and refreshing, yet provide a soothing effect while working with the natural oils in your skin. I plan to continue growing our product line while featuring our latest, body butter and lip balm.